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16 October
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Hello thar! |'Db
This translation journal belongs to rainicity.
Most of the works here is mainly the GazettE-related, but when the time comes I will still translate works from other artists!

I'm a procrastinator, so yes, translations will be delayed from time to time. D'|
(1) Do not repost any of my works, that is all I'm asking. If you would like to share my translated articles, please leave a link to the journal entry instead.

(2) If you're translating my article into another language, feel free to do so but I will really appreciate it if you would just take up a little time and send me a message about it.♥

(3) Do not ask me for the original japanese text for HERESY related articles. Having the originals is the privilege of HERESY members, and I think it's good enough that non-FC members can watch the blogs in English.

(4) Lastly, any HERESY related article is NOT TO BE SHARED. You share it once, I'll stop all FC related translations.

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